How Long Does Pre Workout Last?

Do you ever feel like you owe it to yourself to workout - but feel too fatigued? If your body is sending signals to your brain that you are  tired and lethargic then your mindset can feel like the biggest challenge. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of motivation to get moving. This is where a pre workout product can step in.

What is a pre workout product? The Recap

A pre workout product is a supplement that can be taken in many forms; including powders, tablets, capsules, but it is most commonly mixed with a liquid to drink. It’s designed to be taken before a workout to give you that extra boost you need for better performance - kickstarting your body and mind.

Studies have shown the impact of pre workout products. In a study by JISSN researchers found that time to exhaustion was significantly greater following consumption of a pre workout product compared to placebo, as subjects were able to run 12.5% longer after consuming the supplement 10 min before exercise.

So it’s easy to see why pre workout supplements are so popular amongst gym goers across the nation. But a pre workout product comes in many different forms with various ingredients.

Here are the most common types of pre workout products:

When should you take a pre workout supplement or product?

Depending on the ingredients in your pre workout product - there will be different guidelines on when you should take it, so always follow instructions given.

Technically speaking,  you could take your pre workout product whenever.  However, to maximise performance you should take it at the right timeso it has maximum effect.  Generally, a pre workout supplement should be consumed 15-30 minutes before a workout.

Our BCAA pre workout powder is designed to be taken 15 minutes prior to a workout, but can also be taken during or after. A small study shows that there is little difference whether you take BCCAs before or after resistance training - so it’s really up to you.

How long does a pre workout product take to kick in?

The time a  pre workout supplement takes to kick in all depends on the ingredients used; with those containing caffeine and arginine taking 60-90 minutes to kick in. Studies suggest caffeine takes around an hour to fully kick in.

How long is a pre workout supplement likely to last in your system?

There are many factors that can influence how long your pre workout product lasts in your system. Including:

  • How much you take per serving
  • How many servings you take
  • Your body mass
  • The intensity of your workout
  • Your sensitivity and tolerance of ingredients

In terms of your pre workout product shelf life and how long it should last you - that really depends on the amount you are buying and using. If you are using it on a regular, long term basis then we recommend joining  a “subscribe and save subscription”, meaning you get a discount on your product as a result of your subscription.

Are you likely to feel the effects of a pre workout product?

It is likely you will feel some effect after taking your pre workout product Most likely, this will feel like the wave of energy you need for your workout.  Although this should not happen, If you feel any negative side effects you should seek  medical help immediately.

Generally, when does a pre workout product start to wear off?

Most pre workout products can last about 2-4 hours in your system, although you may not feel the effects for that long.  This is generally long enough to last for the average training session. However, some ingredients can stay in your system a lot longer.  Your body should process all the ingredients after 24 hours.

The Round up

Overall, pre workout products are essential for those who wish to get the most out of their gym sessions and training and we believe it can be taken safely when used appropriately.

There is no “one way” to take a pre workout product, due to so many different factors including ingredients;  dosage as well as your personal goals and tolerance. But following  instructions and guidance on your product; whether it be powder, capsules or whatever form - should mean you can workout safely with that extra buzz of energy you need.