Why You Might Need Our Gut Cleansing Formula

Most of us don’t get enough fibre, or in fact, anywhere near enough fibre as we should. Although dependent on factors such as age and gender, the average recommended daily intake of fibre is around 30g, or the rough equivalent to 2 Weetabix, an apple, 2 carrots, a potato (with skin on), half a cup of rolled oats, two slices of bread and a cup of cooked lentils every day. While eating enough fibre-rich foods is important from the perspective of a healthy and varied diet, it’s also important for several health benefits too, from maintaining bowel health and lowering cholesterol to controlling blood sugar and aiding weight loss.

The struggle to maintain proper gut health is something many of us are familiar with and whether it’s bloating, irregular bowel movements or abdominal pain, one UK study has estimated that as many of 43% of the population experiences digestive discomfort. So where does fibre fit in? Think of fibre as the fuel your colon needs to stay healthy; bacteria present in the colon help digest the fibre which then produces ingredients beneficial for its overall health. Not only does fibre keep the digestive tract flowing as it should, but it also encourages soft and regular bowel movements because it contributes to the healthy structure of stool formation. Fibre is classed as non-digestible carbohydrates, examples of which range from fruits, vegetables, seeds, dried beans, lentils and nuts. Although getting enough fibre is key, it’s also important to ensure you’re taking in enough fluid when consuming your daily fibre quota otherwise it can quickly become a constipating agent.

To answer the need of fibre intake, Workshop’s Gut Cleansing Formula features a soluble and insoluble blend of 12 essential fibres. While carrot fibre helps reduce bad cholesterol, cranberry seed powder is high in antioxidants to help protect the body from oxidative stress. It’s also rich in omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy brain function and lower inflammation. Fibregum tan, is another good source of fibre and is also a prebiotic that supports growth of good gut bacteria and prevents the growth of bad bacteria, helping to keep the gut in balance. Finally, for those with food sensitivities, the Gut Cleansing Formula is non-allergenic and gluten, lectin and phytate-free meaning it achieves maximum digestibility and absorbency, all while delivering an easy to drink dose of your daily fibre.