Why is Stretching Good for You

Include stretching in your daily routine, whether you’re working out or not and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

Improves flexibility

It goes without saying that stretching is a vital tool in any exercise routine. Not only does it keep the muscles strong and healthy, but it will also improve  overall flexibility and help maintain a range of motion in the joints, especially as we get older. Without adequate stretching to warm them up and keep them mobile, muscles shorten and become tight which can lead to pain and injury.

Increases blood flow to muscles

Stretching regularly can help improve circulation which promotes better blood flow to the muscles. As well as keeping them in peak health, this can help reduce muscle soreness you can experience after exercise.

Reduces anxiety and helps calm

If you’ve ever started your day with a series of gentle stretches then you’ll know how good it can be for your mind, as well as your muscles. Stretching helps release any tension you might be carrying in your muscles as a result of stress, while getting into a good daily routine can have a meditative effect and take your mind off any worries.

Improves mood

When you stretch, your body releases endorphins, feel-good chemicals in the brain which give you a sense of euphoria and help reduce pain perception. That’s why it’s important to keep stretching in the days after an intense workout, as well as immediately after as it should significantly shorten your recovery too.

Improves digestion

Depending on what stretches you do., certain poses can help improve blood flow to your bowels and digestive system. If you suffer from inflammatory digestive conditions especially, this gentle release can also negate some of the anxiety that comes with them.