Why is Fibre So Important?

According to a poll by YouGov, as many as 43% of the UK experience some form of digestive discomfort, whether it’s uncomfortable bloating, irregular bowel movements or abdominal pain. Workshop’s Gut Cleansing Formula can help provide a healthy and sustainable way to look after your gut by providing a solution to inadequate fibre intake. The formula features a blend of soluble fibres which include guar gum, acacia gum, apple pectin, inulin, psyllium seed and glucomannan, and insoluble fibres which include cellulose (from carrot fibre and psyllium husk) and lignins (such as flax and cranberry seed). Here’s why we all need to eat more of it.

Fibre helps support appetite reduction

Consuming enough fibre plays an important part in increasing the intestinal bulk. Fibre also slows down the stomach emptying and slows the transit time of food through the GI tract. In other words, it stops you feeling so hungry. Insoluble fibre is thought to stimulate receptors on the intestinal wall by increasing a specific the satiety neurotransmitter and reducing ghrelin, otherwise known as the hunger hormone.

Fibre supports the lowering of glucose and insulin

Consistently high glucose levels can damage parts of the body such as the eyes, nerves, kidneys and blood vessels, while high insulin levels are often associated with excessive weight gain and serious health problems like heart disease. Soluble fibre slows down the process of the stomach emptying while the passage of food in the upper part of the intestines absorbed is lowered. This means that both the total amount of glucose and the rate at which it is absorbed is also lowered. Since insulin response is proportional to the rate at which glucose appears in the bloodstream, both insulin levels and total insulin output are lowered.

Fibre supports gastrointestinal health

Soluble fibres can be converted by friendly intestinal bacteria to short-chain fatty acids (SCFA). These in turn nourish the intestinal cells and help maintain proper pH within the colon which itself reduces the growth of harmful bacteria. Fibregum tan, which is found in our formula is also a prebiotic which itself helps promote good gut health.