When Should You Work Out?

When you work out is a personal choice and one that varies from person to person. While some people can only consider squeezing their training session in before work, to others, a late evening session after the working day is done is the only way to do it. And while there are general guidelines on best practise for most people, it’s important to remember that the best time of day for you to work out at is one that you’ll stick to. Whatever tome works for you, Workshop’s Essential BCAA Powder is an amnio-acid packed workout partner which will help improve your performance and reduce post workout muscle soreness.

Why you should work out on the morning

On a normal day, when stress levels are average or being managed, the morning is when are cortisol levels are naturally at their highest. That means, thanks to that cortisol spike, that we should wake up feeling raring to go and happy to work out. Studies also show that working out first thing not only helps with long term adherence to exercise, it also helps you make better choices throughout the day, especially when it comes to your diet. You might also want to take into consideration your sex; a recent study conducted by Skidmore College in New York State and carried out on 30 women and 26 men over a 12-week period, found that the morning was the best time for women to work out if they were looking to shift belly fat and reduce their blood pressure.

Why you should work out in the middle of the day

The middle of the day is often the easiest part of the day to fit some exercise in to as most people can take a lunch break. A midday training session will usually help you avoid an afternoon slump if you’re prone to them and can work well if you’re not naturally a morning person. If you’re not someone who eats much as soon as you wake up, a midday session means you’re more likely to have got breakfast and a mid-morning snack inside you before you train, which will help your performance in the gym.

Why you should work out in the evening

The end of the day can be a great time for busy people who otherwise can’t make time to exercise. After all, the right time to train differs for everyone comes down to scheduling more than anything. Chances are that by the end of the day you’ll also have a whole day of fuel inside you which should make you more productive in your session. An early evening workout might mean you’re more easily able to partner up with a friend too, which has been proven to be a motivating factor when it comes to exercise. According to the Skidmore College study, if you’re a woman wanting to increase muscle strength or build your endurance, an evening slot is the best option. The same study found that the evening time was generally a good time for most men to train.