What’s the Workshop Way?

At Workshop, we are committed to creating a new health, fitness and wellbeing experience. And at the core of that is a belief in a truly customised approach to training that began with Workshop’s inception back in 2014.

When you work with us, we don’t believe in taking a cookie cutter approach and treating everyone the same. Instead we take time to get to know our clients so that we can really support them through their journey, whether they’re looking for a total body transformation or gentle refinements to get them to where they want to be. And how do we do that? Through tried and tested methods that have worked for centuries – think Pilates, yoga, swimming, weightlifting – but thorough the lens of our unique framework assessment, which allows us to use certain tools to get rid of any guesswork. That means we can look at a client’s journey with us from a totally holistic angle and from start to finish. “We ask what the most effective approach is, in terms of the way is an individual should move, should sleep and should eat to ensure clients create the healthiest body possible,” says Workshop’s founder Lee Mullins. Not only does the way of training ensure that our clients see the best results they can, but we also know that they will see genuine, healthy results that will last and that crucially, can be maintained. “Creating healthy bodies and minds is what drives us in all we do,” adds Lee.

Our way of thinking isn’t just confined to our gyms (which can be found across the world FYI), but to our range of nutritional supplements too, which we created in 2017 to support and enhance our wellbeing ethos – whether you work out with us or not. “This means that the same nutritional solutions that we use daily in every clients’ programmes are now available online,” says Lee. Comprising seven super digestible and easy to take products, all manufactured with extensive scientific research and development, all of our products are vegan and vegetarian friendly, and free from gluten and artificial ingredient and are designed to support your lifestyle and help you to live a stronger, healthier lifestyle. Just like our approach in the gym, our products are there to complement your everyday and hopefully, make your life that little bit easier. Amongst our collection, you’ll find our two Organic Pea Protein Formulas (which contain only fermented peas and no trace heavy metals that you often see in other mixed blends), our Gut Cleansing Formula and Probiotic + Prebiotic which are formulated to help you achieve optimum gut health that’s so crucial to overall health and wellbeing, and our Essential Greens Powder, your 5-a-day -and-more hit of total green goodness.