Try This Keto Shake

If you’re following the keto diet and are looking for a new breakfast idea to switch up your routine, allow us to introduce you to the Workshop Keto Shake.

Rich in healthy fats, moderate in protein and low in carbs to keep you in ketosis, the Workshop Keto Shake is a great way to stay feeling fuller for longer while sticking to the rules of the game. Thanks to the healthy fat from the nut butter and walnuts, this shake is a great way to increase the HDL or “good cholesterol” in your blood. The moderate protein from Workshop’s Organic Pea Protein Formula is just enough support optimal repair within the body, while the low carb factor is also important if you’re looking to reduce the visceral fat around your middle. The cinnamon, as well as providing a little kick to your morning, is loaded with antioxidants and helps lower blood sugar, a key concern of the keto diet. While it's perfect as a way to set you up for the day, it's also great as a snack or post workout shake. 

The Workshop Keto Shake

(Gluten Free – Lactose Free – Soy Free – Non-GMO ingredients – Vegan - Paleo)

1 scoop Organic Chocolate Pea Protein Formula

7 walnuts

1 tbsp almond nut butter

Pinch of cinnamon

4-5 ice cubes

200ml milk alternative of your choice

(Total 461 kcal |  29g Protein  |  6g Carbs  |  35g Fat)