Three Tips to Instantly Enhance Your Workout

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve reached a plateau with your workouts, it might be time to think how you can switch things up. Rather than creating a completely new routine, you might just need a few tweaks to the old one. Here are three of our favourite ways to mix it up and get your workout working harder for you.

Think about pace

If you follow a particularly regular workout routine and rarely deviate from it, the temptation to rattle through it without much thought is likely high. To get more out of your workout, think about your speed and tempo. Adding a pause into the rhythm of your TRX workout or squatting at a much slower tempo than you usually do will increase the intensity of exercises quickly but simply leaving you to reap the rewards.

Keep it going

Taking less time between sets to recover might feel like a killer if you’re really feeling the burn but doing so will ultimately help achieve your goals faster by keeping your heart rate up and increasing the effort you have to put in. Of course, if you feel light headedness or niggling pain, ignore the advice and take a moment.

Eat the right fuel

What you eat before and after has a big impact on your performance inside the gym. Ensuring your muscles are fuelled with enough energy to power your way through your session is key, as is consuming enough protein to trigger the crucial repair process so that you’re ready to go again next time. Our advice? Try blending a scoop of Workshop’s Organic Vanilla Pea Protein Powder with 200ml of milk of your choice pre and post workout.