These Exercises Are Great for Autumn

Although some might hesitate to continue their workouts with quite such enthusiasm not that autumn is here and colder weather is creeping up, there are plenty of great workouts to be had in the autumn months. Aside from the multiple health benefits associated with autumn, maintain a regular routine is particularly important as many of us state to increase out calories intake as the weather cools down. It’s also a great endorphin-boosting antidote to any winter blues that may start to take hold. Here are some great autumnal workouts to try.


Autumn is a great time to continue running outdoors, or start, if you don’t already. Not only is the temperature ideal for a comfortable workout – not too hot and not too cold – watching the seasons change before your eyes is an added therapeutic bonus that has potent de-stressing benefits.


Walking, rambling or hiking, are ideal autumn activities for many reasons. The harder your hike the better, so try to mix up your pace as well as the terrain for even more benefits. As well as target lots of areas of fitness including cardio health and endurance, climbing or rambling also hits multiple muscles like the glutes, calves, hamstrings and core.


Solo cycling, or better still with family or friends, is a great way to boost your fitness in autumn. Better still, you’re likely to burn lots of calories without really noticing it, especially if it is a social cycle. Perfect for those with joint issues as it’s low impact, cycling also works almost every muscle in the body and is great for improving lunch capacity and strength.


If you’ve not already tried padel, now’s the perfect time to give it a go. A mash up of tennis and squash, padel is a sociable game that’s easy to learn and great fun to play with friends. Despite similarities to tennis, there’s much less formality in padel, which allows you to concentrate on having fun and getting a great workout rather than worrying about the rules. As well as improving hand-eye coordination, running around the court burns plenty of calories. Better still, it can be played on both outdoor and indoor courts, so through autumn to winter and beyond.

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