The Kit the Experts Swear By

The right workout gear can make all the difference, fuelling not just your performance but your perceived performance too. But because it can be hard to suss out the good from the average, we called on some of our expert trainers to help you navigate. Here’s what they had to say about what they really rate…

Niki Bird, Performance & Fascial Stretch Specialist, Workshop London

What: Nike Metcons

Why: These are my favourite cross training/gym shoe (the 5 and 6 are naturally the best versions, as the technology has developed over time) personally, I feel they are the most versatile gym shoe I own. They are super stable with great grip for when you're lifting, with optional inserts for added heel lift, yet they are still really light, comfortable to move in and the toe box/front of the shoe is wide enough and breathable enough so your toes don't feel cramped in. I do enjoy wearing barefoot shoes to train in as well, but the Nike Metcons are a great choice if you aren't used to barefoot training or just looking for a little bit of extra stability and versatility.  

What: Theragun

Why: I have SO many pieces of tech I love, especially for recovery, but the Theragun is always up there. I personally own the pro model, however there are several other models to suit your needs and budget. There are so many different massage guns on the market at the moment, but from what I've tried, nothing comes close to the Theragun. It uses what they call true percussive therapy vs vibration therapy that a lot of other brands use. While vibration therapy will still feel great, percussive therapy actually reaches far deeper into the muscles. It's an amazing tool to use during warmups and for recovery, as it helps increase oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, especially on the days your muscles are feeling a little 'heavier' or stiffer. It's so easy to use and really portable, I never to go training or tournaments without it.

Teresa Schmitt, Yoga Teacher, Workshop London

What: Workshop Unisex Hoodie

Why: I am a creature of comfort and the Workshop hoodie reminds me of being wrapped up in a cosy blanket.  Whether you are lounging around the house, on your way to the gym or want to make it “fashion”, this hoodie is so versatile.

What: Lululemon High Waisted Leggings

Why: I am a big fan of the high waisted Align leggings. The added support just makes me feel like everything is sucked in and the fabric is so soft.

Lee Mullins, Founder & Performance Specialist, Workshop London

What: Workshop flask

Why: I genuinely don’t leave home without this and with all the travelling I do this has become one of my staples that I throw in my bag. Not only does it keep my coffee piping hot, but ensures I’ve always got some fresh water on me. It’s also super convenient to throw in whichever Workshop supplement I’m using when I’m at the gym or on the road. It also helps me reduce my use of plastic bottles, which I’ve been consciously trying to do over the last few years.

What: The Oura Ring

Why: I must sound like a broken record now but for me this is the best piece of health tech out there right now. It provides invaluable data on how recovered I am, which helps me determine the intensity and type of workout I should be performing each day based on my readiness. Since following the feedback my workouts have been 100x better and I’m finding I pick up less niggles and overall fatigue.