Spotlight on Essential Greens

With a focus on intuitive, results-driven products that are easily digestible, great tasting and simple to use, Workshop’s nutritional supplements - clean, hardworking, science-backed formulas created to support your life and your workouts and inspire you to live a stronger and healthier life. Next up in our Spotlight series, our Essential Greens which is now back in stock.

What’s in the formula:

Although we’re all well versed in the need to get our five a day, the truth is, sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of it. Whether you’re busy juggling work and home life, putting in long hours at the office or are back to travelling and haphazard mealtimes, getting all the greens you need (and then some) can often be tricky. Luckily, that’s where our Essential Greens comes in – just think of it as an easy way to supercharge your day in one fell swoop. Why? Well, because it contains a whole host of organic fruit and vegetables in one easy serving, which not only contributes towards glowing skin and better gut health (via fibre and also inulin, a natural, soluble prebiotic that helps stimulate the growth and activity of healthy gut bacteria) but a healthier immune system too. That’s because it’s loaded with mood-boosting iron, beta carotene and vitamin C, all of which contribute to optimising the function of the immune cells in the gut. Our daily dose of antioxidant-rich greens, which includes broccoli, spirulina and nettle leaves, can also help reduce inflammation which can help protect against diseases and illnesses caused by inflammatory free radicals. As an added benefit, getting enough greens can also help balance out mood and increase the abundance of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which are responsible for helping you feel happier and more contented. Leafy vegetables are also high in magnesium which plays a critical role in regulating our stress response and helping to improve fatigue, tension and anxiety. And finally, if you sometimes find a big plate of greens can be a little tricky to digest, why not try this formula; it’s specially formulated with digestive enzymes, which means your body is better able to absorb the essential nutrients it needs from the greens.

How to take it:

Mix approx. 1 tablespoon into 250ml water or milk alternative daily or as part of your preferred smoothie or shake.

Mixes well with:

Mixes well with Multi Vitamin Formula, Probiotic + Prebiotic and Vanilla or Chocolate Pea Protein and BCAA Powder

Try it in:

Daily Elixir = Essential Greens + Multi Vitamin Formula + Probiotic + Prebiotic