In Session with: Clara Paget

The actor, model and Workshop regular can't get enough of healthy milkshakes and cosy clothes and is partial to an energising morning workout.


What’s your favourite way to switch off?  

Music helps me with most things really! Lately I've gotten into audiobooks too. You have to be careful not to choose something too funny if using them as a 'sleep story' though. Lately I’ve been making the mistake to listen to David Mitchell 'Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse' and it’s making me crack up instead of falling asleep.

Your inflight must-have?

Eye mask, flight socks and earphones.

Last book you read?

Patti Smith - Year of the Monkey.

Bedside table essentials?


The best piece of advice you’ve received?

Don't compare yourself to others and don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive.

Do you have a daily ritual?

Coffee. I make it as soon as I open my eyes to be honest, a habit I should probably try to tame. Then I try to get some kind of workout done first thing even if its 10 minutes of yoga at home.

What’s your at-home dress code?

Definitely cosy in my own home... a good tracksuit or pyjamas. Olivia Von Halle or Boujihake are favourites.

Where’s your happy place?



What time of day do you like to train?  

First thing.

What are your workout essentials?

My Workshop flask. Mine’s been all around the world, holidays, festivals, probably seen some things it shouldn’t have.

What does your weekly workout schedule look like?

A couple sessions with the legends at Workshop, then I do Pilates, yoga, boxing, lots of walking. When it’s not raining, I prefer to listen to music or learn my lines walking around London.

What’s on your dream workout playlist?

The Workshop team always come through with good Jungle and DnB playlists when I’m in!

What does your recovery look like?

Workshop shake, foam rolling and saunas.

Do you have a favourite piece of workout tech?

I am keen to get myself a Hypervolt, which I borrow when I’m at the gym. It’s amazing for massaging out sore muscles. Also kinda obsessed with those boots you use to hang upside down. They get your blood flowing and decompresses your spine.


How do you like your Workshop shakes?

With lots of crushed ice.

Go-to breakfast?

I love an acai bowl .

Favourite on-the-go snack?

A shake or smoothie.

Which is your favourite Workshop product? 

The Chocolate Pea Protein. It's like a healthy chocolate milkshake. I love adding hazelnut milk and fresh mint.

What’s your signature dish?

Very occasionally you might catch me baking a banana bread. I think I have a long way to go before I can call anything 'my signature dish'... cooking is not my forte… yet!