How to Stay Motivated in Your Home Workouts

With lockdown life still the reality for most of us for at least another week, home workouts are the norm right now. In a bid to stay motivated, whether its daily yoga practise or a full body strength session over Zoom, we spoke to some of Workshop’s top trainers for their advice on how to dig deep and keep at it.

Lewis Dove, Boxing Coach & Performance Specialist

Try something new

Trying a new form of exercise has definitely worked for me. I started yoga once a week and also got back into running regularly, which I loved. My shadow boxing and skipping Zoom classes were very popular with my clients, most probably because they had never done them on their own at home before, so it was a new skill for them to practice and develop at their own pace.

Set a weekly workout routine

Even with more time on our hands during lockdown, it’s important to plan each week ahead for your training and ensure that you block out time in your calendars to train. Set reminders on your phone and do your very best to stick to the weekly schedule you've set. Having a clear workout schedule for the week, means you're more likely to stick to it, rather than just do the odd session here and there.

Walk with a friend

Exercise doesn't always have to be crash bang wallop with intensity. As we're allowed to meet up with one person from another household outside, why not meet a friend or family member in a local park for a catch up and a nice walk. Seeing someone close to you will always be a good morale booster, so doing that whilst getting your steps in at the same time is even better.


Teresa Schmitt, Yoga Teacher

Don’t compare yourself

With all these extra hours on our hands, we might find ourselves scrolling through countless Instagram pages watching people do multiple workouts, runs, Pilates and yoga, but it’s important that you don’t believe everything you see and that you focus on your own journey. One morning you might wake up and feel super motivated and smash out your workout while the next your body is telling you to rest. Just listen your body!

Ditch the distractions

Do you have a tendency to reach for your phone first thing in the morning before getting out of bed? I know I am super guilty of it. Try waking up, taking 10-15 minutes to breathe, enjoy the silence and mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead. I like to get my workouts done first thing in the morning as this way I have no excuse. While my daughter is still in bed, I set up my mat and or weights. Even if it is moving for just 20 minutes you will feel great! No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch!

Have a little boogie

Blast your favourite song and get the heart rate going while having some fun... and remember, dance like nobody is watching. If you want to carry that energy over, why not create a sense of community. Some of your favourite trainers are hosting IG lives or Zoom classes. Schedule it in and get involved. Also use this lockdown as a chance to try all the classes that you have ever been interested in but never came around to doing.


Lee Mullins, Founder of Workshop & Performance Specialist

Get outside

With the weather being surprisingly mild for this time of year, look to exercise with a friend outside. Training with someone, whether it’s a trainer or a friend, has been shown to lead to significant increase in compliance to training and staying motivated.

Make the most of your mornings

Workout first thing in the morning. People who tend to exercise first thing in the morning have repeatedly been shown to be more compliant with turning up to exercise, compared to people who work out later in the day.

Set up your space

If you’re exercising at home, create a dedicated training space and set it up the night before so it’s ready to go when it’s time to work out. Avoiding as many barriers as possible, even something as small as your training space not being set up, can lead to people skipping a workout. Set up your environment to have as little distractions to make it as easy as possible to train.