How to Improve Your Sleep

Understanding that sleep is number one tool for absolutely everything, whether your goal is more energy, better mood or weight loss, is essential,” says Lee. “I advise my clients to invest in sleep tracking device such as the Oura ring. It tracks sleep quality and will give you good, consistent feedback so that you can arm yourself with a plan if you need to improve it.” Here are more tips on how to get serious shut eye…

Be mindful of when you eat

One of the best ways to improve your sleep quality is not eating dinner too close to bedtime; around 2-3 hours before you go to bed is a minimum. Doing this will allow your body adequate time to digest your food and maintain your natural circadian rhythm which is crucial for good sleep. Eating prompts the release of insulin, a hormone which can shift your body's sleep-wake cycle, signify wakefulness in the brain and interfere with your ability to fall asleep. “Going for a 10-minute walk after dinner is an easy way to help improve digestion and help wind you down in preparation for a good night’s sleep,” adds Lee.

Think about caffeine consumption

Ideally, the cut off point for caffeine should be around 2pm if you go to bed at 10pm. That’s bearing in mind that it takes the body around 8 hours to process caffeine. If you have a fast metabolism you might be able to clear it from your body quicker, but equally if you have a slower than average metabolism you will need longer if you don’t want it to impact your sleep.

Limit your screen time

Blue light from devices can mess with the body’s natural secretion of melatonin, which is essential for a good night’s sleep. “Avoid blue light a few hours before bed, ideally starting when sun starts setting,” warns Lee. If you can’t avoid devices altogether after this time, change the settings on your phone to limit your exposure or try blue light blocking glasses.

Adjust your temperature

Finally, if you’re struggling to sleep in the heat, think about trying to cool your body temperature down enough to ready your body for sleep. “One of the things that enables quality sleep is having an optimum body temperature while you’re sleeping,” says Lee. Often for heterosexual couples, one challenge to overcome is that women and men have slightly different ideal body temperatures for sleeping at. If you’re having difficulty, think about investing in a Chili Pad, a small sheet that goes under your regular sheet and that has tubing that feeds in a thin layer of water. This will enable you to optimise and select the temperature on your side of mattress.