How to Beat the Sunday Blues

Stress has been named by the WHO as the health issue of the 21st century so it’s little wonder that many of us find ourselves experiencing work anxiety spilling over into the weekends, even though it’s a time when we should be switching off. Although it can be hard to avoid, the way to beat the Sunday blues is to have some strategies on hand that can take your mind off any potential stress ahead and focus on something more positive instead. 

Start slowly

If the thought of Monday carries with it too much weighted anticipation, even if it is imagined, then take a more measured approach. Instead of diving headfirst into a long to-do list, set yourself more realistic tasks that will allow you to feel productive without immediately feeling frazzled and stressed out. It’ll also help regulate your energy levels so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and exhausted before the week has even got underway.

Schedule your Sunday

If your Sunday scaries start way before Sunday night, it can feel like the whole weekend is spent gearing up to feeling anxious. If that is the case, planning something enjoyable for Sunday instead, can help transform the way you feel about it. It’ll also help provide a distraction for when those anxious thoughts start creeping in.

Plan ahead

One way to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the week ahead is to strategically plan ahead. That way you’ll enter the new week feeling like you’ve got a handle on what to expect. schedule time on Friday before you shut down your computer to set goals for the week ahead. You can even draft emails and schedule them to be sent on Monday morning, to take some of the pressure off. Use it as an opportunity to clear out your inbox too so that you don’t start the new week with a mountain of the previous week’s unanswered emails.

Practise mindfulness

Help take your mind off the impending week and instead indulge in some mindfulness that will help you focus on yourself in the present moment. If you’re well versed in meditation, schedule a moment in on Sunday to engage with that. If you’re new to it then try a body scan mediation which will work just as well. Find a comfortable place to lie down and position yourself flat on your back with your arms at your side and your palms facing up. Slowly scan every part of your body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, making yourself aware of any sensations or emotions that you feel along the way. If you find your mind wondering away from the task in hand and back to anxious thoughts, gently bring your focus back to your body and continue as before.