How Protein Impacts Your Workout

Getting enough protein is vital when it comes to supplementing your workout regime. Here, Workshop’s founder Lee Mullins tells us why consuming protein is key when it comes to exercise. 

Why is it important to consume enough protein when you’re working out?

To support the recovery from your training you need sufficient intake of amino acids, molecules which help build cells, support muscles and promote energy function. When you work out, you’re essentially damaging your muscles and tissues and so it makes sense that you need adequate systems in place to repair them; protein is made up of these amino acids. Protein also helps fight infection, balance body fluids and carry oxygen through your body so it’s a really important part of your post-workout recovery. 

What’s the best kind of protein to eat before and after a workout? 

As with most things, what you eat is an individual thing. It also depends on time of day you train. Whatever you choose, go for something easily digestible and not too heavy, like chicken. If you prefer your protein before you work out, a shake is a great idea and our Vanilla or Chocolate Protein Powder is good for that. The Workshop Essential BCAA Powder is also a good choice as it contains four of the amino acids also found in animal protein. If you consume your protein after your workout, then anything goes, it’s more a case of getting your protein in the right timeframe. If you haven’t eaten anything pre-workout then get some as soon as possible after. If on the other hand, you’ve had protein right before your exercise, having some anywhere up to about 3-4 hours afterwards is fine.

How does consuming enough protein impact other areas of life?

Getting enough protein is massive when it comes to weight management. Protein is satiating, so eating it tends to make you feel fuller for longer. It also makes your body work to digest it and has a thermogenic effect meaning it takes more energy to digest and absorb it, so it raises metabolism. It also helps you retain lean muscle while you’re losing fat. Eating protein can also help with focus. That’s because protein is made up of an amino acid called tyrosine which is a key driver in the production of dopamine. Dopamine gives you more focus and is often called the “motivation molecule,” because it gives you the drive and focus you need to be productive. For optimum focus all day make sure you have a protein rich breakfast in the morning, such as eggs, smoothies or fish.

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