Extra Ways to Boost Your Fitness

If you find it hard to fit enough exercise into your daily routine, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of ways you can boost your fitness just by making simple changes and decisions. Here are some of the best ways to add exercise into your day, without even feeling like you’re making an effort.

Walk down the stairs

We all know the benefits of walking up the stairs but sometimes adding extra, arduous flights feels like a, ahem, step too far. While walking down the stairs is infinitely, and obviously, easier, it’s not entirely devoid of benefits. According to experts, while walking up the stairs boosts heart rate and encourages fat burn and lower body toning, it also compresses your muscles which can lead to injury. Walking down the stairs on the other hand, elongates and stretches the muscles and works your joints, helping to keep them healthy. It can also improve balance and coordination and knee and ankle strength.

Walk and talk

If phone calls feature heavily in your working day, make a pact with yourself to take them while walking if you can. Not only will the extra steps help improve your mobility, burn more calories and even improve your lung health, they can decrease all-cause mortality by a significant percentage. Getting up off your backside and moving more regularly also works wonders for improving your mood, concentration, focus and energy levels, making you more productive.

Go shopping

Yes, you heard us, go shopping, and preferably buy enough stuff to carry home that will give you a workout without you even knowing it. Carrying heavy shopping bags in each hand (groceries are great for this) is the everyday equivalent of farmer's carry, a strength and conditioning exercise which hits most of the major muscle groups and burns fat. Just make sure you keep your back straight, your shoulders back and your head and chest up to avoid injury.