Best Pre- And Post-Workout Snacks To Eat

Put a stop to mindless snacking before and after your workouts and give it some proper consideration instead. The right fuel paired with nutritional supplements can not only enhance your performance but your recovery too. Here’s the lowdown on what to snack on and why….

Pre-workout snacks

Whatever you choose to eat before your session, the key is to keep it light and digestible. Heavy foods can make you feel sluggish so it’s important not to overload your system. It’s also important to note that what you snack on before your workout depends on the type of training you’re doing and the intensity, as well as your own personal goals and individual tolerance levels. You’ll also need to allow your body enough time to digest whatever you choose, so aim to eat your snack around 60 minutes before your session if you can.

As a general rule try to avoid fat and fibre which can sit in the gut and take longer to digest and aim for a balance of protein and carbs instead. This combination provides the adequate energy you need to fuel your session, as well as the muscle support needed. A shake is not only a great way to get a hefty dose of all-important protein, it’s not too heavy and won’t affect your performance. If you prefer to keep your intake to a minimum beforehand, fulfil your protein quota with a helping of BCAAs in the form of Workshop’s BCAA Formula. Containing four of the amino acids found in animal protein, it’s a quick and easy way to consume what you need to get the best out of your training. If you prefer something more solid, unsweetened porridge and fruit, cottage cheese and wholegrain crackers and hard-boiled egg on sourdough toast are all good options.

Post-workout snacks

To support recovery after your training you need a decent intake of amino acids, found in protein sources, so your post-workout snacks don’t need to differ too much from your pre-workout fuel. When you work out, you damage your muscles and tissues so it’s important to help replenish them. Protein also helps fight infection, balance body fluids and carry oxygen through your body so it’s a vital part of your post-workout recovery in general. Apples and nut butter are a good protein-rich option, as is a big handful of almonds or a protein shake. If you work out later on, eating carbs towards the end of the day can be hugely beneficial for helping you to fall asleep too. That’s because they send a signal to release the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is a feel-good brain chemical; pair carbs like potatoes and rice with some protein like chicken or fish and the combination will not only help your sleep but support your post workout recovery too. If you’ve had some protein before your exercise, aim to eat anywhere up to about 3-4 hours afterwards. Speed up your recovery process to help meet your goals quicker with our range of nutritional supplements.