5 Mistakes You Might be Making

Workout not going according to plan? Here are 5 common mistakes you might be making and how to sort them…

Not warming up properly

We’ve said it before but warming up properly at the start of every workout is crucial. Not only does it help get nourishing oxygenated blood flowing to your muscles, it’s important for mobilising key joints such ankles, hips, shoulders and thoracic spine; forget to do it and you run the risk of injury. Warming up correctly also helps improve your flexibility, meaning you’ll find it easier to move properly throughout your session and have a better range of motion; you’ll also find you’re better able to move without feeling stiff and tight.

Insufficient hydration

While it’s key to make sure you have the correct fuel before and after your workout, making sure you’re hydrated enough to perform is just as important. As well as dehydration being a serious hinderance to your performance in the gym, it can also lead to subpar cognitive function, cramping and a compromised recovery. Make sure you’re well hydrated before you start and then aim to drink and around 7 to 10 ounces of water every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise.

Not having a game plan

It can be hard to commit to a regular schedule of exercise, especially while juggling a working from home routine too, but having a plan of action when it comes to working out is key if you want to stay on top of your training and achieve serious results. Block out time in your diary, set a reminder on your phone or even better rope in a friend to train regularly with you and you are much more likely to stick to your schedule and start getting consistent results. If you can, try exercising outdoors at least a couple of times a week, whether it’s a run, a wild swim or some stretching in the park; studies show that exercising outside regularly can improve your likelihood of sticking to a routine.

Static stretching

Referring to the stretches that are held for a period of time, such as a standing hamstring stretch, static stretching helps release tension and improve recovery and for that reason, should only ever be done after your workout. If you add static stretches into your warm-up routine, you’re actually more like to compromise your performance increase your risk of injury and hinder mobility.

Missing rest days

Just as warming up is crucial to your workout routine, so is ensuring you take rest days between your sessions. Every time you work out, tiny tears are created in your muscles, which your body then works to mend. The result is stronger and more resilient muscles. If instead of taking adequate time to recover, you push through and don’t allow your body the chance to repair, then those tears can turn into real injuries and compromise your fitness and ability to perform in the future.