3 Things to Know About Our Essential Greens

While greens powders are a great way to ensure you’re getting enough vitamin-rich greens into your diet on a daily basis, our Essential Greens formula does so much more than just offer your 5-a day. Alongside the vitamins, minerals and fibre that our blend provides, it’s also packed full of so much more than can help contribute to you feeling fitter, stronger and healthier on a long-term basis. Our products are also built with compliance in mind, so our greens formula not only comes in an easy-to-use powder format that can be blended in with your favourite smoothie, but it tastes really good too. For best results, take Essential Greens daily in a shake, smoothie, or on its own with water or a milk alternative. Here’s the lowdown on why we think ours deserves to have a place in your store cupboard…


Loaded with ingredients like spirulina and spinach, our formula is high in all the antioxidants you need, which help to…

  • Help to nourish every system in the body
  • Help protect and repair the body against damaging free radicals
  • Contribute to sustained energy, mental clarity and overall wellbeing

Digestive enzymes

Unlike a lot of greens powders, our formula contains the addition of digestive enzymes which enable all the goodness included to be more easily available to the body…

  • Enable better absorption of essential greens
  • Help the body to better break down food for energy
  • Promote a healthy digestive system and reduce inflammation in the gut


Inulin is a starchy substance found in certain fruit and vegetables and is an important source of dietary fibre…

  • A natural, soluble prebiotic
  • Helps stimulate the growth and activity of healthy gut bacteria
  • Helps maintain normal glucose metabolism


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