3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Autumn

The UK may be in the middle of an unseasonal heatwave but with autumn on the horizon soon, there’s only a matter of time before we’re confronted with changing leaves, crisper temperatures and darker evenings. While for many this change in season can bring feelings of anxiety and despondence, psychologically it’s actually a particularly important and often very joyful time. Here’s why.

Enjoy the colour palette

According to experts, the array of different colours we traditionally see in the autumn – think reds, oranges and yellows ­– does something to our brains, creating contrast, saturation and brightness which is perceived as exciting and mentally stimulating. Bright colour also plays an important role in helping negate stress reactions which it does by interrupting stressful chains of thought with a positive sensory experience instead. Taking time to observe and really tune into these colour changes – and the natural world that they represent – ought to help override any negative associations you may have with the seasonal change, helping you instead start to programme this time of year as one that’s visually and mentally interesting.

Lean into the quiet

While summer is usually the season of fun, holidays and socialising, autumn in comparison has that back-to-school feeling, that many people find depressing. Instead of mourning what’s no longer here, like a busy social calendar, try to embrace the deliberate slow down, and focus on what it is that nourishes you and makes you feel good. The basics like good sleep, food and exercise are good places to start, so dedicate some time to fostering healthy habits and getting your physical and mental health back on track without any distractions.

Breathe in the autumn air

You might think of the summer as a time to really enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air, but the cooler autumn air has been shown to have excellent health benefits, particularly for your immune system. While the cooler air helps increase blood circulation and metabolism which improves immune function, being outside, rather than in close quarters indoors, also helps reduce your chances of picking up colds and other seasonal viruses. Being in nature’s green spaces also reduces cortisol production and increases dopamine and endorphins, which also has a positive knock on effect on immune function.