3 Healthy Habits to Make Today

The thought of drastically overhauling your lifestyle in a bid to reach better health can be daunting, but often it’s smaller changes that can have the biggest benefits. Here are three small habits you can start to form that will make a big difference to your sleep, stress levels and more.

Get up and out

Getting outside soon and exposing yourself to daylight soon after you rise in the morning is vital for improving your sleep. Not getting enough exposure early on in the day delays your body clock and in turn the onset of sleep at night. Even just a few minutes outdoors can help, so try to incorporate it into your morning routine for maximum benefits.

Get your 5-minutes of… yoga

If you’re looking to reduce blood pressure, doing 15-minutes of yoga could be the key. According to a recent study, experts found that daily yoga, even for a short period of time, improves heart health and helps to lower blood pressure. as well as being an effective way to improve your physical health, the stress-reducing benefits of yoga will impact your mental health too.

Brush your teeth

If you’re guilty of not brushing your teeth for long enough, now’s the time to make sure you enforce a 2-minute timer. Thanks to the strong correlation between good oral health and overall health, it’s important to keep your hygiene standards up. According to studies, brushing your teeth for at least two minutes, at least twice a day is associated with a lower risk of heart attack, failure and stroke. Even brushing for less and less often reduced the risk by over 30%. In fact, the risk was reduced by more than 30 percent when compared to brushing less often and for less time.