3 Breakfast Options to Try Now

Whether you’re planning a morning workout or have a busy day ahead, a good breakfast is the key to keeping your blood sugar steady and your energy levels high throughout the day. A healthy breakfast can also keep you feeling fuller for longer and banish cravings later on, helping you to keep on track of weight loss, if that’s your goal. Eating well before a morning workout is important because it provides everything you need to help fuel your brain and your body and, it keeps you alert and your muscles working hard for the duration of your session. If you are working out after breakfast, aim to eat a couple of hours beforehand to really reap the benefits.

Eggs, avocado and greens

A great option that combines great quality protein with healthy fats and plenty of antioxidant-rich greens. While egg is packed full of protein to support proper bodily function and strengthen the immune system, it’s also packed with essential amino acids to aid muscle maintenance and growth; opt for scrambled or poached if you can. When it comes to greens, wilted or steamed spinach is a great option as it’s loaded with immune-boosting iron, vitamin C and beta carotene. If you must have toast, try to stick to sourdough which is more digestible and nutritious and contains prebiotics which are good for maintaining a healthy gut and keeping blood sugar levels stable.

Unsweetened porridge and fruit 

Carbs are fuel for your muscles and allow you to push that bit harder if you’re going for a morning workout, plus the complex carbs in porridge are broken down slowly which allows for more sustained energy throughout the morning. To add a protein punch, try mixing in a scoop of protein powder, then add a big handful of berries such as blueberries and raspberries, as they’re full of antioxidants which protect against inflammation caused by free radicals. Finish off with a handful of sunflower seeds which are rich in omega 6 and fibre. Finally, add a sprinkle of cinnamon to taste, which is also rich in antioxidants and has a prebiotic effect, meaning it promotes the growth of good bacteria and suppresses the growth of bad bacteria in your gut.

Workshop breakfast smoothie 

Smoothies or shakes are a great option if you want something light but just as sustaining. This balanced option is a great way to wake up your taste buds and your body, as it contains energising coffee to improve mental focus and enhance your performance, alongside Workshop’s Organic Chocolate Pea Protein and Gut Cleansing Formula, which contains a blend of 12 soluble and insoluble fibres and promotes good digestion and optimum gut health.

200ml organic hazelnut milk

1 scoop Organic Chocolate Pea Protein Formula

1 tbsp raw cacao

3 tbsp raw oats

2 tsp organic ground coffee beans

1 tsp Gut Cleansing Formula

½ tsp ground cinnamon


Add the ingredients into a mixer and blend well for 30 seconds.